How to create an accounting policy manual

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Accounting policies and procedures help your employees run your business without your constant supervision. For example, if your business has the policy of not accepting checks, then employees do not accept checks, even if you are not there to monitor them. Have a separate section for each accounting process, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and fixed assets.

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Writing accounting policies and procedures can be difficult, but they will help you in the long term, keeping processes standardized and simple. Give each policy and procedure (P& P) a number and use the numbering system to organize the documentation.

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The information below contains changes made to the DAS-SAE State Accounting Policy and Procedures Manual from 1999 to present and provides policy information to enable the user to see modifications affecting the policies.

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This website is to provide customers easier access to information pertaining to claims processing, the state-wide accounting system and payroll.

How to create an accounting policy manual:

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