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This is what we did…Specs:1988 Morbark Eeger Beaver chipper. A precise measurement of the cast iron sliding sleeve to which I was fitting the new bearing parts with a resultant schematic of all components (see photo 1). I placed an order with Chon at Tampa Steel & Pipe to the four components I needed to build the new part, assuming, correctly, that a steel shop equipped with a plasma cutter or a water-jet cutter would be better able to produce the parts within the fine parameters necessary for building a bearing.

Morbark Model 13 Chipper Service Manual

In September, 2011, the bronze sliding sleeve bearing on the PTO clutch disintegrated. After several months of attempting to acquire a replacement part, I finally discovered that the part in question was no longer manufactured.

Morbark Eager <b>Beever</b> <b>Manual</b>

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My 1988 Morbark Eeger Beaver chipper (see photo top) is one of the most important pieces of equipment in my arbor business: the removal and disposal of tree-trimming waste is a cornerstone of the service I provide.

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Finally, I put the entire assembled unit on the bench grinder and reduced the material of the ears until I had one 1” long pin on each side of the bearing to fit into the receiver on the PTO Clutch handle (see photo 2). Before installation, I dismantled the bearing and put the 2 inner shoulder parts on the welding bench, where I welded the heads of the bolts securely into the countersink recesses.

Eeger beever wood chipper manual:

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