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If you select Static IP ,you’ve to feed the IP address manually. Generally a Router is at the top of a Network & it assns IP address to a device like DVR when connected to it. The Gateway address is the IP address of the Router. Again check for the mobile port 34599 to see a success.

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Same way enter application name as DVR1 for the Mobile port enabling. ” Enter the HTTP port 80 & click on Check port button.

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Here the IP address of DVR is assned as & the Gateway address is . You should see a “Success : I can see your service on IP x.x on port 80 “.

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Connect the cameras to your DVR using BNC connectors & provide the power supply to DVR. To view the cameras the DVR can be connected to a monitor through the VGA output of DVR or to a TV through the Video out pin (you may need a BNC to RCA converter) Connect the DVR to the Network Router (providing internet connection as well as LAN) using the RJ45 Ethernet cable. Here the Mobile port number is shown as Mobile Monitor & port assned is 34599 Now we shall see how to open these two ports 80 (HTTP) & 34599 (Mobile) inside Router’s settings. Type in the Gateway IP address Following table is a list of some Routers with IP address , Username & password. So type in the IP User Name is admin & password is also admin Setup Window of Router opens. Again open the Router Setup & check the correct entries for port forwarding. Once you see Success on this site , you can go ahead with your Mobile installation.

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